Glacier Ice from Iceland


Half a blue brain left on the beach. This must be the temporal lobe of an Arctic alien. Strange that he just left it lying around. Maybe their brains are so big they don’t need all of it.

Dodged and burned onto my sensor with magic cloth long exposure. Use the Magic Cloth Technique.

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The Magic Cloth Photography Trick

Maybe you like to avoid burning the highlights in the sky like a typical sunset scene. The Magic Cloth Photography Trick is a useful accessory to have in your camera bag and flexible for most needs.

Magic Cloth photo tips

What to do:


Start with a dark filter or darkness for a for a slower shutter speed, then over expose the picture by two to three stops.

Shutter speed

There is an advantage to a long Shutter speed. 2-5 seconds requires a fast, but smooth action to burn the sky within a split second. 5-10 seconds lets you have a extra exposure of the landscape.

Magic Cloth Movement

It is best to use very fast downward motion and slow, controlled upward motions.

Different Methods

Vary the Movement to allow a dozen short exposures of the clouds, instead of a single medium exposure (30 seconds & over exposures only).

Try this: Use your spot meter for the highlights and multiply that shutter speed by four

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“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
— Andy Warhol

Magic Cloth Articles

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Iceland Facts

In the Icelandic phone book everyone is listed by their first name.

Facts about glaciers

Earth’s two ice sheets cover most of Greenland and Antarctica and make up more than 99% of the world’s glacial ice.

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