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The Artist

I am Tony Prower – an Englishman living in Iceland. A passion for photography and nature has been the driving force behind these images and the tour business which takes visitors to the most beautiful spots in Iceland to capture images for me and my clients. I enjoy all types of photography, but Landscapes are what I love. I shoot with a Canon 5D3 and a small collection of prime lenses, the most commonly used is the Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 mark II.
Tony Prower
The Work
Presented here are my collection of images available as Fine-art prints and mostly Limited edition. These have been taken mostly over the last 6 years as I have run tours and workshops.

Your order
Few orders are processed without some communication with you. If you have special requests, please use the contact form to ask questions. It is advisable to do this before you pay if your order is complex, or there may be price reductions for multi-print purchases.
Payment by paypal (includes shipping), please contact me for alternative ways to pay.

Quality Guarantee
All images are printed on quality fine art archive paper. Limited edition prints are also shipped with certificates guaranteeing the paper and the number of edition. Signed prints are personally handled by me and are therefore quite holy.

Mounting and other materials.
It is possible to have images printed onto Diamond polished liquid acrylic or metal surfaces such as aluminium, or onto stretched canvas. Please use the contact form to discuss these options.


Please find my collection of images from my adventures in Iceland. They are signed and for sale, but most of all they are for your enjoyment.

Land-scapes Iceland fine art photography
Ice-scapes Low light fine art print
Night-scapes aurora photo prints
Limited edition Iceland fine art print

These pages connect you to other aspects of my work. If you want to attend a talk in the UK, come and tour in Iceland, buy an Icelandic Naked Yoga Project book, or simply browse some Magic Cloth tutorials, here is a quick reference.

Tours and workshops Iceland photo tours
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