Night and aurora images

Ice perfect

Here on the shores of Jökulsarlon, a beautiful Aurora is always worth staying up late for. A nice arrangement of lake ice is crucial to make the Northern Lights work. Here I used the ice berg to add interest to the sky as the Aurora...

Jökulsarlon Aurora

This beautiful electric shape appearing above Iceland's glacier lagoon at Jökulsarlon, with auroras lighting up the lagoon, but only for a moment. This was the only level 10 aurora I have ever witnessed. Magic cloth technique. Internet...

Aurora Fjall

This Patrick's day Aurora blazed over our heads and we headed down the slope to Fjalsarlon glacier lagoon. I had the good company of 8 Irishmen (or something like that) to celebrate with. I got really lucky with this unreal shot. Magic...

Close Encounters

This very green aurora on a moonless night gives an impression of visiting another world and having a brief encounter with a creature. On the Magical Lake of Jökulsarlon on an Early March evening 2011. You could see this yourself with a 3...

Big Green Eye

A 2 minute exposure from the banks of Jökulsarlon one dark October night. 24mm was just wide enough to capture the action in the sky and luckily the ice stayed still for the long exposure. Magic Cloth Internet use - yes Open Edition 60cm x...

Winding Road

This beautiful break in the rain left a wet road and a beautiful window to the night sky. An HDR back in the day - created from 3 exposures. The winding road is an especially beautiful feature of Hvalfjordur. Internet use - yes. Open...


Auroras over the glacial lagoon at Jökulsarlon. This night I was with my brother Ian and this increase in activity happened just as I was packing away, I ran to the nearest point and shot this. Often the Aurora Borealis will wait for you...

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