Instructional Videos

These video tutorials will keep you waving your magic cloth at natural scenes for many years to come.

Collection 1. Gorvik,
this series of video tutorials from the local nature just 20 minute drive from my Reykjavik home. Follow me as I explore familiar ground and I introduce you to landscape photography in the nature that inspired me to take up photography.

Part 1. Pictures taken on day 1. Very cold January afternoon. We stop to shoot mount Esja with a variety f foreground, starting with some snow. 4.30 min with English subtitles.

Part 2. Pictures taken on day 2 and 3 with a demonstration of how to control object proportions using focal length. A nice finish down by the shore. 6.02 min with English subtitles.

Part 3. Pictures taken on day 4. Great light on the morning of day 4, revisiting some scenes to take advantage of the light. Excerpt of some basic lightroom processing.

Part 4. Post processing. I take one of the images through lightroom, photomatix and photoshop.

All 4 are available as a feature length download for $5…

Magical Landscapes with Tony Prower $5 –