Aurora Pictures from Iceland

Ice Dolphins and Aurora

A dolphin pup goes for a ball but doesn’t whistle too loudly. For the emperor green might take him to flip back castle to prepare for the dolphin slave games.

Full moon night at Jökulsarlon with a decent Aurora. Northern lights and moonlit ice.

Anyone for a 5D3?

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“What matters is making pictures that make people feel and react to them.” ― Fer Juaristi

Taken with the Magic Cloth Photography Technique

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“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”
— Dorothea Lange

Did you know?

Hekla is Iceland’s second most active volcano; Grimsvötn is the most active volcano.

Facts about Night photography

Italian scientist Galileo Galilei named the Aurora borealis from the Roman “Goddess of the Dawn” – “Aurora” & from the Greek description of a Northern Wind – “Boreas”.

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