Green Lantern

Hope can be found in this green lantern. This particular one was delivered by Elves at midnight and is worth 2 jars of honey to them (or one ‘Runny Honey Bear’ – squeezey bottle).

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The Magic Cloth Photography Trick is a a clever technique to photograph a high dynamic range scene.


No Filter: for Northern lights photography!

Heavy Tripod:

I love to get low down for foreground detail so no center column are definitely nice options to look out for choosing your tripod. Set up your tripod to make it heavy. Magic Cloth friction can cause vibrations. But, this is good practice for high end long exposure photography.


Start with low light for a to achieve a long exposure, then over expose the scene by two to three stops.

Exposure time

Establish your Northern lights exposure then add another 2 times exposure for the landscape (ice-scape). In other words, triple your Aurora exposure time, but cover the sky once the aurora is properly exposed.

Magic Cloth Action

Normally, I use very fast downward motion and slow, gentle upward movements.

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Timing is communication

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”
— Edward Steichen

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Did you know?

Soccer and handball are Iceland’s favourite team games. Men and women excel in both sports.

Facts about Aurora

The most popular places to see the Aurora borealis is Iceland, Norway,Alaska, Northern Canada in the winter months when there are long nights.

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