This metallic finish is hard as steel. On our 3 day Jökulsarlon photo tour

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Facts about glacier ice

During the last ice age they covered 32% of the World’s land area

Be sure to choose the right equipment for Neutral Density photography. A lens with a Some lenses are so wide, they create their own problems, such as the Nikkor 14-24mm. For low light and night, this lens is fine, but dark filters for day time Long Exposure photography becomes complicated.
Canon pro-DSLRs are perfect for Long Exposure photography.

  • Great features and total manual mode
  • Excellent live view can focus on stars!
  • Essential settings can be edited with external buttons .
  • The Red light on the back lets you know you are exposing.
Essential Gear Nikon 
Nikon D810

The Magic Cloth Photography Technique

Some more Long Exposure photography info…

Magic Cloth Method:

Camera settings

Begin with a dark filter or darkness for a for a slower shutter speed, then over expose the scene by two to three stops.

Exposure time

It is easier to set a long Exposure time. 2-5 seconds requires a quick, but controlled movement to burn the sky within a reflex time. 5-10 seconds allows for a extra exposure of the foreground.

Magic Cloth Action

In many cases I bring the cloth down with a fast action and up slowly.


Change the Action to capture many short exposures of the clouds, rather than one initial exposure (30 sec or more exposures only).

Meter for the highlights and then times four to get the total exposure time.

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— Alfred Stieglitz

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