Aurora Borealis Photography in Iceland


Aurora on the glacier lagoon.

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Magic Cloth Photography

Magic Cloth photo tips


ND Filter: (Not nightime, only day!)

I suggest circular filters for rainy atmospheres.

Heavy Tripod:

I love to get down to the ground for foreground detail so folding legs are really nice features to have on your tripod. Set up your tripod to make it strong. Moving the Magic Cloth can introduce vibrations. A solid tripod is good practice for fine art long exposure photography.

Don’t extend the center column unless you really need to. The center column is the weak spot of the tripod.

Sometimes a tripod has a hook underneath, hang something from it to provide extra stability. Often professionals carry a bag to put stones in to give a better stability which will support the tripod nicely – great for long exposure work.


What to do:


Start with a dark filter or low light for a longer exposure time, then over expose the scene by two to three stops.

Exposure time

There are benefits to using a long Exposure time. 2-5 seconds requires a fast, but smooth action to darken the sky within a reflex time. 5-10 seconds gives you a extra exposure of the middleground.

Magic Cloth Movement

In many situations I bring the cloth down with a fast motion and up slowly.

Alternative ways

Vary the Movement to allow a dozen short exposures of the clouds, rather than one initial exposure (30 sec & over exposures only).

Meter for the highlights and

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Italian scientist Galileo Galilei named the Aurora borealis from the Roman “Goddess of the Dawn” – “Aurora” & from the Greek description of a Northern Wind – “Boreas”.

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